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De European Pathway Association definieert een zorgpad of een klinisch pad als volgt:

A care pathway is a complex intervention for the mutual decision making and organisation of care processes for a well-defined group of patients during a well-defined period. Defining characteristics of care pathways include:
(i) An explicit statement of the goals and key elements of care based on evidence, best practice, and patients’ expectations and their characteristics;
(ii) the facilitation of the communication among the team members and with patients and families;
(iii) the coordination of the care process by coordinating the roles and sequencing the activities of the multidisciplinary care team, patients and their relatives;
(iv) the documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of variances and outcomes; and
(v) the identification of the appropriate resources.
The aim of a care pathway is to enhance the quality of care across the continuum by improving risk-adjusted patient outcomes, promoting patient safety, increasing patient satisfaction, and optimizing the use of resources (1,2).

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